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Delicious Library 2

Delicious Library 2 is released.

You might remember the Review in NLMA episode 14 (check the archives in the right column here). It's this delightfull looking Book/CD/Game archiving tool with real looking shelves and all.

After install I got one of the most usefull new popups ever. I launched it from the downloads folder, and it asked me if I wanted it to copy itself to my Applications Folder so that it wouldn't clutter the Downloads folder.

One of the new features is the option to publish your Library to .Mac, the Web or simply to a folder.

About Me

Quick shout out... On your request I added an 'About' page where you can find out a bit more about the wacky person that is me.

You can find it here.

Big changes (once more)

So. where we're at?

I turned in my resignation today. I switched jobs in february, leaving my comfy sysad job at a newspaper in Belgium. Went over to a DAM implementation company ( XLent Solutions ) and eventually figured this wasn't my cup of tea. The prospect of devoting x number of years on more or less one product is not really what I'm built for (apparently).

So off we go.

NeatLittleMacApps goes mobile

A big thank you to the developers of the OS X developer software suite. More in detail... Dashcode.

I just noticed today that Dashcode has added templates to quickly create WebApps for the iPod Touch/iPhone. One of those templates turns any RSS feed into a neatly designed reader app in the style we have come to love.

So I took out some time of my busy schedule and a few tweaks here and there later... Voila. The NLMA blog goes mobile. Simply aim your iPod Touch/iPhone towards to see the result.

Piece of cake.

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