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A webfriend of mine (Fred Zelders from the popular Dutch blog frEdSCAPEs) pointed me to a big black whole in the general fabric that is the NLMA Website. Where's the show archive?

I must admit that didn't really cross my mind. All the shows are on the Shows page, and at the bottom there's the pager. But let's face it, it's not exactly handy to find a specific episode.

NLMA episode 41 is up!

Pfew, that certainly took it's sweet time. As you might have noticed already, the new episode of NeatLittleMacApps is finally out the door.

I really hope you like it, and please, don't be shy, spread the word to your friends that we're back. I'ts been a while so a lot of the people out there might have unsubscribed.

If you don't like it, please, tell me why. You can do this by commenting via the show's shownotes. May I ask to keep it to constructive criticism?

Acqualia Releases Picturesque 2.

Picturesque 2

You might recall the NLMA episode where I discussed Picturesque. Quick reminder, it's this typical Neat Little Mac App that does a limited number of things very well. In this case it does things gorgeously well.



Favorite Twitter Client

I've started using Twitter (who hasn't) and I'm hoping I'll reach the critical mass of followers to actually find use for the service. As for now I've been using netvibes to throw my twit in the air. I find it a bit too much to actually start paying for a client (Twitterific) so I started searching for an alternative.
At first I thought Chitter would allow me to twitter from within iChat, but it only changed 'mood message'.
Eventually I settled for Spaz but I'd love to have a native OS X app with the same features.

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