Picturesque 2

You might recall the NLMA episode where I discussed Picturesque. Quick reminder, it's this typical Neat Little Mac App that does a limited number of things very well. In this case it does things gorgeously well.

Maybe you bought it, maybe you didn't, but in both cases it really is worth checking out the update. Major changes (in my humble opinion): new interface, new 3D effect, and the superb new feature which lets you save presets and apply them to any (or as many) picture(s) you like.

Like what you're reading? Head over to the Acqualia website and download the demo. It's $34.95 but if you own the previous version you get the update for $12.95.

I don't do follow-up/update episodes on NLMA but this app makes me think about including a short 'updates' section in the podcast.