So. where we're at?

I turned in my resignation today. I switched jobs in february, leaving my comfy sysad job at a newspaper in Belgium. Went over to a DAM implementation company ( XLent Solutions ) and eventually figured this wasn't my cup of tea. The prospect of devoting x number of years on more or less one product is not really what I'm built for (apparently).

So off we go.

And strangely enough, I will now kind of return to my roots at a different BU of the same company that owned that newspaper I worked for earlier.

And what with NLMA?

Well, I already know what the next episode will be, but I'll have to create the whole thing on our home Mac. Trusty 400 MHz that is (hey it had the Sawtooth motherboard, so don't laugh). I'll let you know my frustrations on that machine. I'll also keep you posted on how I keep the wife off bay since it's her machine. Hi honey! Love you. Heh.
So no worries, NLMA will continue.

A big thank you to all of you for showing your concerns (after the tweet) and thanks to my current collegues for understaning my position.