Pfew, that certainly took it's sweet time. As you might have noticed already, the new episode of NeatLittleMacApps is finally out the door.

I really hope you like it, and please, don't be shy, spread the word to your friends that we're back. I'ts been a while so a lot of the people out there might have unsubscribed.

If you don't like it, please, tell me why. You can do this by commenting via the show's shownotes. May I ask to keep it to constructive criticism?

I must admit I have become a bit rusty in my creative process. setting up the audio-gear again, tweaking the knobs, recording... It all took a bit longer than it used to.

And next episode? Well, I got a couple of apps that make good candidates. Moody, CoverSutra, Screenfow (love this), Times... All in all no shortage (as usual) in great Mac Apps. I'm hoping I can get back into my two-weekly production schedule, although that might prove to be difficult. The home construction is still going on, but I just couldn't resist relaunching the podcast.

Anyway, new episode, new themesong, new end-slogan,... smell the air of freshly unboxed podcast.