Well, I've turned 31 today, so thanks to all of you who send me birthday wishes.

So let me do something back to you. As from yesterday I started the NLMA process up again. Don't go expecting an episode out yet, I have a lot of things to do first.

First off, I started looking into a new intro tune to freshen the show up a bit. The rest of the format I'm quite comfortable with, so I'll leave that roughly the way it was.
As for the site... that's a whole other story. I'm seriously thinking of moving over to Drupal, so if there is someone out there who wants his theming credits in the footer, you're free to send in theming proposals (can't pay you though).

And finally I might be looking into some sort of joint venture with another podcaster, but thats a big 'iffy'.

So there you go. Hope this gets the buzz going again, and I hope some of you will still be there when the next new episode of NeatLittleMacApps airs.