Blog Api

I'm looking into some offsite blogging tools. If there are Mac fans out there who have tips on this, feel free to comment.

This post was done using Ecto.

Images aren't sent to the correct folder on the site... anyone any ideas?

Seeing progress


The site is taking shape the way I want it to.
I also got my Woopra account so even checking up on the stats will become a fun thing to do. 404 page exists now, and soon all episodes will be uploaded and every shownote will be linked.

Drupal love is in the air again ;)

Drupal coming long nicely


it appears that this Drupal version of NLMA is going to happen after all. At the time I'm writing this I have the basic 'look and feel' practically nailed. Now it's on to getting some 'content types' up and running to facilitate the creation of audio content and goodies.

I was thinking of getting Drupal to generate the rss feed for the podcast, but that would just be too much of a hassle, and I'm to attached to Feeder to let that great app go. So There.

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