Spurred by an interview I had with Christopher Forsythe (frontman Growl and Adium). I wonder...: do Mac Apps actually look better that their other OS's counterparts?

I find they do. I'm not sure if it's the OS X GUI that does the trick. Actually, I'm quite sure it's not just the OS X GUI. It helps, I agree. Just look at the global integration of the 'Inspector' window or the media browser window in the iLife/iWork suite.

On the other hand. A lot of other apps look neat too, without tapping into the OS X way of doing things.

Not taking Growl and Adium into account, I find that this 'global integration' of things is missing in the Open Source community. There is not really a big corporate structure that lays rules upon how the 'general' look and feel of apps should be. Hence you get a bit of everything.

That still doesn't explain why the Windows world of apps has that same problem though ;).