On general request, here's a snapshot on who I am and what I'm up to this time...

  • Name: Frank De Graeve
  • Born and raised in Belgium in 1977
  • Married to my lovely wife Sophie
  • Father of two angel daughters (Marthe and Merel)

Work experience:

  • View Frank De Graeve's profile on LinkedIn (yes, I'm that lazy)

Passion: Oh boy, here we go.

  • In general I guess IT and the web encompass my passion.
  • I love good software
  • I love good hardware design
  • I love neat internet services
  • I digg new technologies
  • ...

This passion spills over in the form of the many podcasts and sites I have floating out there:

  • PodGuides.net came into existence when I came into contact with iPods and podcasting.
  • My love for podcasting and new media peaked when I started the NeatLittleMacApps podcast. This, for me, was the ultimate combination of all the things I fancy: the web, software, mucking about with audio, site design, marketing, contact with the (Mac)community, ... This podcast was on hiatus for a while due to the construction of our home, but is now back on the air.

Some side projects are:

  • Corporatepodcasting.be, an invitation to all the Belgium companies out there who bumped into this funny weird new media called ipod-thingy-web-cast-crazytalk-whatever-I-heard-about-it-from-a-friend-who-heard-it-from-this-other-friend-but-I-don't-really-know-him-that-well, and want to know more about it.
  • Podskirts.com: I got fed up with the ugly iPod protectors who turn a beautiful piece of design into some bulky block of plastic. So I created my own and sold them on Etsy. Something for the cold winter nights.
  • Systemtrash.com was a vidcast in which my buddy Dimi (Sourcetrunk Podcast) set up a cool Open Source distro, which in turn got trashed by me, the Mac bigot. This podcast has podfaded, but It included an interesting series of interviews with known people in the podcasting and Open Source community (Leo Laporte, Ze Frank, Marshall Kirk McKusick, Adam Christianson,...). The series contained me asking them questions on when/how they accidentally trashed a system. If you bug me enough, I might rerelease that audio in the NLMA feed.

Other stuff?